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Esther’s Chamber

Esther’s Chamber empowerment sessions will challenge you to examine the life you have, the life you want, and the life God requires of you. Confront fears, clarify vision, and chart a course for next level living as you embrace the divine destiny God has for your life. These impactful sessions will help you move barriers and obstacles out of your life and prepare you to be a change agent in every area. When you leave Esther’s Chamber you will be ready for the world.

Practical Living

How big is your cape Wonder Woman? Are you managing family obligations, marriage, motherhood, home, and work? PRACTICAL LIVING WITH TASHA BASTON is a seminar for amazing and empowered women who are managing to keep it all together while moving forward in their lives. Learn practical skills & build new relationships. Practical living will change your life!

Finish Strong

Have you made the most of your time during the pandemic to pursue your dreams? Do you struggle to move from concept to action in bringing your vision to pass? All is not lost, there is still time if you have the courage to take a chance on yourself! Remember the winner of any competition always comes from among those who finish! Finish Strong with Tasha Baston are Empowerment sessions that will motivate you to stay the course and reach the target you have set out for yourself!

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