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Prophetess Tasha Baston

Prophetess Tasha Sharron Baston, fashioned in divine wisdom, grace and obedience to God’s will, is chosen by God to preach the infallible word and truths of Jesus Christ. A servant leader and revelatory expounder of God’s word, Prophetess Baston serves as the Leading Lady and Assistant Pastor, alongside her husband and pastor Bishop Dr. Michael A. Baston at St. Luke Cathedral in Laurelton, New York. 

Together, they established Called to the Nations Covenant Churches International, Inc. (CNCCI). CNCCI is a multi-denominational Kingdom-focused community of covenant churches, pastors, and ministries who hold spiritual authority and flow with the purpose of empowering leaders and ministries of influence. CNCCI’s goal is to assist leaders in effectively impacting their congregations, communities, regions, and world for the Kingdom of God. 

Prophetess Baston is the Founder and Host of the Breaker Anointing Experience (BAE), a powerful conference presenting a plethora of seminars and services aimed at helping men, women, and children overcome barriers to lead successful lives through Jesus Christ.  Prophetess Baston is also the CEO and Founder of Women Impacting the Next Generation of Sisters (W.I.N.G.S) which provides mentorship, counseling, personal and professional seminars and services toward the empowerment of women throughout the New York Tri-State area. 

After nearly 10 years of faithful kingdom assignment and ministry as both Evangelist and Elder, Prophetess Baston humbly accepted her call to prophetic ministry at the leading of the Holy Spirit, wise counsel and release of her husband and Pastor. On May 5, 2012, she was affirmed, consecrated and commissioned to operate in the governmental office of Prophet by her apostolic father in ministry and the Emeritus Pastor of the New Greater Bethel Ministries, Inc., the late Apostle Dr. John H. Boyd, Sr. 


Prophetess Baston is the Founder of Tasha Baston Ministries—an itinerant ministry where she travels extensively preaching, teaching, mentoring and counseling God’s people, equipping and empowering them through the joy, peace and love of Jesus Christ.  

In 2017, she released her highly anticipated single entitled “I Give You All the Praise” and in 2019, she released her first book entitled “Out of Brokenness”. From her awe-inspiring empowerment sessions entitled Esther’s Chamber, Practical Living, and Finish Strong—to her unparalleled commitment to mentorship and the cultivation of God’s people, Prophetess Baston is helping women win in faith, family, career, and life. 

Prophetess Baston holds a Master of Science (M.S.) in Organizational Leadership from Nyack College in Rockland, New York and a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Management from Berkley College in Manhattan, New York. Additionally, she has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) from Anointed by God Ministries Alliance Seminary in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently pursuing her Ed.D. at Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA). 

She serves on the board of directors of the Thomas White, Jr. Foundation. In addition, she is a member of the Clergy Advisory Council to Queens District Attorney, the Honorable Melinda Katz. 

Prophetess Baston resides in Long Island, New York with her loving husband, Bishop Dr. Michael A. Baston. 

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